Gear up for the Gaer!

Well, this is our new blog to fight for the future of the Gaer schools, but more importantly, for the GAER CHILDREN!

Gaer Infants school

Please, join our campaign to show that the Gaer is a strong, united community with a wonderful history and an even brighter future.

I will be posting links to relevant documents online, as well as summaries of WHY we are against the Council’s proposal to close both schools, and merge them on the Junior site, freeing up the Infant building to become an ASD school for Newport children.  Whilst we fully support the desire of Newport parents with children with ASD to have a specialist school for them, it should not be at the expense of other children’s education.

Newport City Council must drop this flawed and divisive plan immediately, and find a suitable site for the ASD school in Newport – even if that means finding the funds for a new build – in a way that does not significantly negatively impact the education of other children, as this proposal clearly does.

Gear up for the Gaer – and FIGHT for our community and our children’s educational future!



2 thoughts on “Gear up for the Gaer!

  1. Vicki says:

    Gaer jr school actually has empty classrooms tho so it kindda makes sense to join the two schools

    • debbie1haile says:

      No, it has rooms that it is currently using as a library, a break-out room for group working, a staff preparation room (as the staff room is tiny) and a film club.

      All these facilities will be lost to the Gaer, as will the Gaer Infants’ library, our multi-sensory room for ASD and other children educated in our mainstream school, the ‘happy’ room to help children with emotional issues and also as a place for small group working, and the art room.

      We also lose all the outside facilities that have taken 20 years to build up at the Infants, including the timber trail (paid for through fund-raising in the community), the nursery garden, held up as one of the best nursery gardens in Wales, the Reception with its permanent play equipment.

      Then, we also lose the ability to take rising 3s into the nursery, as the nursery at the new school will be reduced by a third. This will severely impact working families in the Gaer (hard to go back to work if you can’t get your child in a nursery near your home), not to mention how vitally important a solid education in nursery is proven to be which would be terribly affected if a child cannot attend their local school but instead is forced to attend a local private provider, as the Council has insisted parents will have to do.

      Finally, as there is not enough room to cram us all in to the existing space, they are having to build on a wing to accommodate the younger infant children. However, they will not be building another staff room to accommodate our staff, nor another hall so that all children get to do PE lessons indoors when the weather is inclement (try scheduling 14 different classes into a small hall every week!) There will be no library, no extra working spaces, no external facilities other than a grassed or tarmaced area… I could go on but I won’t!

      So no, I’m sorry, it does not make sense to join the two schools on the one site. Well, it doesn’t make sense if you just look at the situation on the Gaer, as is all we should do, but the Council are only looking at their need to provide a permanent ASD school in Newport, something which is important, but should not be at the expense of other people’s children.

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