Newport Council’s Plans for the Gaer Schools

Newport City Council Logo Link:  Newport Council’s Plans for the Gaer Schools

This is a link to all the main documents about the Council’s plans for the Gaer Schools.  The most important ones to read are the ‘Reports’, and the minutes of the meetings in December 2012.

Pay close attention to the way that ALL the opposition points that the Council highlights from our original letters, are swept away or dismissed completely in the most recent report.  The drastic reduction in nursery places is a good example, as parents will be expected to use private providers for nursery childcare rather than the Gaer Schools.

More importantly, our major points are not even mentioned, being that there are actually no legitimate grounds to amalgamate the two schools on a single site, based on their own figures in the documents.

They keep claiming that this is an issue of surplus (empty) places in the schools, as generally the Welsh Government expects schools to have no more than a 10% surplus in places.  However, if you look at page 5 of the “Formal Consultation Pack” (near the bottom of the page), it says “The forecasts generally demonstrate that an amalgamated primary school would have approximately 379 pupils by 2018”.  The capacity of the school would be 420 (approximately the same as now, as it does not include nursery numbers).

379 ÷ 420 = 0.902,   or 90.2% of the total capacity.  Which means in 5 years, with no changes at all, the schools can expect to have reduced the surplus places to less than 10%.

So, how can NCC continue to claim that the reason for a single-site amalgamation is falling pupil numbers on the Gaer site?!

Have a look – I’ll post more about other issues soon.  Night night!


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