What this proposal will mean for YOU – parents of Junior children…

Although the Infant children are the ones losing most from this crazy proposal, the Junior children will lose almost as much. Think about this:

  1. To fit the Infant children on site, they will have to build a new wing. This will include specific outside space (small yards or gardens) to facilitate Foundation Phase education. However, this means the older children will no longer have access to:

    1. The top playground, as this is the intended site of the new wing and its outside spaces, and possibly more of the grassed areas around that playground

    2. To provide enough parking spaces for all staff members, a large section of the fields to the left of the school (we think) will be tarmaced over and off-limits to the children.

    3. The ‘fence’ separating the 2 schools is not a boundary fence, just a safety fence, and there really is nothing stopping the Council moving it further down towards the Juniors, to incorporate the top field into the new ASD school. We cannot stop them from doing this as they own all the land anyway. So not only will the older children lose so much of their outdoor space from just bringing the Infant children and staff down, but they could also lose a large portion of their fields to the ASD school as well.

  2. The wing built will only be large enough to accommodate the Infants that cannot be squashed into the existing school. Classrooms deemed ‘empty’ will be used for the new children. This means the Juniors will lose:

    1. The library

    2. The computer room

    3. The film club room

    4. The break-out room for group working

  3. No new hall, dining room or staff room will be built, so this means:

    1. 14 separate classes of children will need access to the hall each week during poor weather for PE lessons

    2. It will be much more difficult to do concerts and shows, as practice time will be extremely limited due to timetabling the hall

    3. Some Infant children already use the dining room, but it is just a small percentage of the Infant children. Once all on one site, lunch times will be even more rushed and crowded, as up to 420 children use the one small dining room during the lunch break.

    4. For the staff, as no new staff room will be provided, all will have to use the current, tiny, staff room. This will impact on staff morale and integration, as it may be that most decide to, or are forced to by circumstance, spend their lunch break in their classrooms. This is unfair on all staff.

Some may think that because money will be spent on the Junior school making it fit for purpose for the Infant children, that this is a good thing because the Junior school needs investment and maintenance. The Council have made it abundantly clear, however, that no money will be spent on the Junior building except for constructing the Infant wing and making the Infant classrooms in the existing schools appropriate for use. NOTHING AT ALL will be spent on much needed repairs, such as the toilets or the ageing windows in the rest of the building.

So the Junior pupils will not benefit AT ALL from this proposal. They gain nothing at all, not even a better quality of building, and lose so much of their outdoor space, and ALL of their non-classroom internal space. This is so unfair on all the children. Please, fight for the Junior children. This proposal gives them nothing.

Next, what it will mean to you, as a local resident….


One thought on “What this proposal will mean for YOU – parents of Junior children…

  1. This is so terrible!

    These 400+ Gaer children have no say in what is going to happen to them or their school.

    As parents, teachers, grandparents, local residents or any concerned adult…We ALL have a moral obligation to help protect the welfare & education of these children.

    Using children against each other i.e…sacrificing one child’s education for another is morally wrong. Each child deserves the right to a good education and the council have a duty to provide this without creating a situation where they have to choose which child’s education is more important. Newport council should be ashamed of themselves.

    Let me make it very clear, I am not against the creation of a new ASD school in Newport, there is a need for one HOWEVER, I do object to it being on the Gaer infant site BECAUSE it seriously jeopardises the welfare and education of the 400+ Gaer children which will be affected by it. I have many other reasons why I object and I will be putting this in writing to the head of education at newport council before the deadline on 10th MAY.

    There are many other sites in Newport that the council could use which would not create an issue for anyone. These options have not even been looked into, let alone exhausted. We have not been given a reason why they haven’t. It feels like the council have got their teeth into the Gaer site and they will not let go.

    How do you think these Gaer children are going to feel when they are squeezed into cramped conditions, then look out the window and see a small group of other children enjoying their old school while they can’t go out to play due to overcrowding, can’t use the school hall, no library, computer rooms etc…. It will breed resentment and anger in the community and among the children and parents.

    This can all be avoided if the council drop this plan, stop hiding behind this amalgamation cloud and see the true impact this proposal will have on the children it affects and the local community.

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