Wow, what a great evening!


Thank you so much to all who were able to come last night, and to those who wanted to come but couldn’t.  I was so proud of our community for standing up for our children’s education and the future of the Gaer.

I have had a response from Cllr Whitcutt (he emailed at 5.30pm when I had already left the house) to explain why the Ward Councillors would not be attending. 

“In the circumstances, please accept our apologies for not attending, as whilst we will of course, as ward members have full regard to the views of our constituents which is why we attended the meeting organised in January, we do not consider that it would be appropriate to attend what you describe in your leaflets as a “Rally” directed against the Council.”

I shall be responding to Cllrs Whitcutt, Wilcox and Thomas soon.  But I thought it only fair, as I did state last night that 2 of the 3 of them had not responded prior to the meeting, to correct that now as it turns out they did (albeit when I was already out of the house at the Governors’ meeting.)

More soon….



One thought on “Wow, what a great evening!

  1. ian johnson says:

    It was very good turn out at the Gaer school last night (25th April) . Very poor turn out for the Gaer councillors this is not a supprise as not all off them could turn up at the count at the last local elections . I hope you have the outcome you want for the school keep up the good work

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