James Harris, Chief Education Officer has responded to the Open Letter sent to him yesterday.  Here is his response:

“Dear Debbie:

 Thanks for your email.  As the state of the proposal to amalgamate is currently in the statutory notice stage your email and the link will be included in any submission to the Welsh Government should this be made.  The statutory notice stage is provided to ensure anyone concerned can express support or objection to the proposal, in this case the latter have been clearly expressed.
Yours, James Harris.”

As you can see, Mr Harris is still refusing to answer any of our questions.  He merely says he will forward on the questions to the Welsh Government should the submission to them be made.

It really makes one wonder: what exactly are they trying to hide by refusing to answer any questions?  Surely responses to them might actually help their proposal as maybe we could then see how this will indeed benefit our kids, as they claim.

A lack of a response clearly indicates that we are right, and there are no benefits to the proposal at all.

If the proposal is indeed the best solution for the Gaer, surely they have proof of this?  Surely they have the answers to all the questions asked, as they are basic questions which strike at the heart of the proposal.

To not answer them makes it clear that either they:

a) cannot – i.e. they have not done their due diligence and do not want to expose themselves to accusations of incompetence or to risk the future of the proposal by showing that they have not worked it out properly, or they

b) will not – i.e. they have no intention of engaging in a true consultation, and that they are aware that if they answer the questions asked it will tear away the foundation to their proposal because the answers would not support the proposal and their whole schools reorganisation proposal will be shot down in flames.

Can no one in power in Newport SEE what is happening here?  It feels like they have closed ranks against us because our opposition is just too dang inconvenient for them, and is just a storm they must weather until the decision is made in their favour.

I say again: there has been no genuine consultation.

Fight the good fight, guys.  We can’t let them get away with this.  This is Wales, for goodness sake, not North Korea!


Still no answers…


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