We Oppose…but We Support….


Proposal to amalgamate the Gaer schools on the Junior site


  • Figures do not support need for single-site amalgamation – surplus reduced to less than 10% in 5 years
  • Figures do not support slashing nursery places
  • The massive losses the children will incur far outweigh any minimal ‘gains’ from the proposal
  • The loss of all the wonderful, community-funded facilities, inside and outside
  • Our objections have been completely ignored – this has been a done deal since the start, and no genuine consultation has been held
  • We do NOT ask for, or need, money to be spent on amalgamating the schools – use it solely for the children is is earmarked for.


  • Cancellation of the Statutory Notice and return to consultation with a proposal that makes sense and has community backing


  • Cancellation of the Statutory Notice
  • A split-site amalgamated through-primary making use of all current buildings
  • The educational and staff development benefits of a (split-site) amalgamation
  • The extension and development of the Gaer Annexe as either an ASD unit of primary age to accommodate children currently leaving the city who can benefit from sharing the facilities and integrating with the rest of the Gaer primary, or as an extended early-years provision for under-threes.


The Gaer community
Gaer Schools’ Governing Bodies
Parents, relatives and friends


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