Come to the (peaceful) demonstration on Wednesday!



to come to the


Date:  Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Time: from 3:45pm

Where: outside the main door at Newport Civic Centre


Please come if you are a parent, child, Grandparent, neighbour, relative, local resident, concerned Newport resident – basically, anyone who thinks this proposal is the wrong one and that we have been shockingly unfairly treated throughout this process

Please bring:

  • Instruments such as drums and tambourines for the children to play
  • Banners, posters, sandwich boards with “Save Gaer Schools” or whatever you like on them (we cannot make banners for everyone, so please have fun with the kids and make your own)
  • Your lungs: to sing and chant!

NB.  This is a peaceful demonstration aimed at the proposal to amalgamate the Gaer Schools on the Junior site, not at the Labour Administration.  Whilst we truly welcome any and all demonstrators, this is not a political rally or demo and as such politics will not be part of it!  Thanks for understanding.


2 thoughts on “Come to the (peaceful) demonstration on Wednesday!

  1. Tony says:

    Read this ,may give a fuller understanding……was it already agreed behind closed doors “Considerable investment is now available to provide a fully amalgamated school setting from which to provide all-through 3 – 11 education”
    copy and paste ;

    • debbie1haile says:

      Well I think so. They are taking money made available for ASD education in Newport in order to add a bit on to the Junior school to make it just about large enough to cram us all in. Shocking.

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