This will not be forgotten….


Whatever the outcome of this situation, one thing is sure:  the residents of the Gaer will not forget this for many a long year.

How can we forget being ignored? 

How can we forget the sting of disappointment as our Ward Councillors failed to represent us as we expected?

That Rosemary Butler, AM and Paul Flynn, MP refused to even look at what has got us so upset, citing that these are issues for the City Council.

That Education Department officials refused to answer basic questions.

That we still have no idea what we might ‘get’ in the ‘new’ school should the proposal go ahead.

That we all feel that the consultation has been a sham and at no time has there been any intention to engage with us or answer our concerns.

It came as no surprise to me that I – and Hannah Berry, another Gaer Infants parent governor – have been approached to stand in the 2017 Local Elections for another political party, against the incumbent Labour Councillors Wilcox, Whitcutt and Thomas, should they stand next time.

We are strongly considering this, as despite both being Labour voters, we have been so utterly distressed by the total lack of regard for our legitimate concerns by the Labour Administration, that we feel that the Gaer deserves better.  That may or may not be us, but I think it is safe to say that many Gaer residents feel that the next Ward Councillors will not be the current ones.

Please come to the peaceful demo at the Civic on Wednesday at 3:45pm.

Debbie and Hannah


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