So now we officially know what we would get…

ImageLast Friday, 17th May, a meeting was held at the Junior school between Haydn Ames, the Council’s Project Manager, and the Head and Deputy Head of Gaer Juniors, both schools’ caretakers, and Sarah Osolinski, Chair of Governors at Gaer Infants (the last by invitation of the Junior Head).

Sarah sent this report to Mr Harris at the Education Department yesterday, asking for permission to report this to the community after 24 hours.  She told him, if he did not respond, she would assume that he has given his consent to us publishing the report.  He did not respond.

Here follows Sarah’s report on that meeting:

Mr Ames had come to re-assure that no plans were, at present, set out for the amalgamated school, but that he would like to give us an outline of the instructions he has been given for this project.

He confirmed that he is in the process of sending out “tender notices” but that nothing further would be undertaken until the Minister has made the decision to amalgamate.

He talked us through the Junior Site as it is now, and outlined his thoughts on what could be done to incorporate the Infant School.

The Juniors would all be located on the “Upper Finger” as there are 8 classrooms.

Year 1 and 2 would inhabit the “Lower Finger” as there are 4 classrooms.

This means a new wing for Nursery (32 place) and Reception (3 classrooms to be built in total)

Questions were asked about Staff provision i.e Staff Room, extra toilets and parking arrangements and Mr Ames stated that these were not items for consideration.

All “Break Out” rooms would disappear as would the Library and I.T Suite.

No extra provision for lunch-time or indeed hall use.

Re-furbishment of the existing Junior School building, which is in a sorry state of repair, is not included in this project.”

So there we have it, exactly as we feared – we get NOTHING.

  • Nothing that is being taken will be replaced.
  • No improvements will be made to the Junior school for the Junior-aged children, and they lose everything they currently have.
  • The Infant and Junior children will cease to have any non-classroom spaces available to them.
  • The hall and dining room will not be extended or additional large rooms created to facilitate PE, lunches, etc

Tell us again, Mr Harris …. this is best for the Gaer HOW?

Don’t forget – peaceful demo tomorrow at 3:45pm, meet at the upper car park at the Civic Centre.

Also, some people have not realised that if they wrote in during the first consultation phase, YOU MUST WRITE IN AGAIN NOW, BEFORE 5pm TOMORROW!  If you do not, they will assume you have withdrawn your objections.  If you still object – TELL ‘EM!!



2 thoughts on “So now we officially know what we would get…

  1. Sarah Lawrence says:

    As a parent of children in both infant and junior school of gaer this would impact greatly on my children’s education and experience in the gaer schools.. numerous people including parents and people of the gaer community have voiced their concerns regarding the possibility of the two schools joining. As shown you have not taken in account of the damage you are causing for the children of the gaer schools and the community by joining the two schools , or the effect it will have on rhe children with learning difficulties who would not be able to have the calm room and other effective tools that have been paid for by the parents of the gaer school children. hope you reconsider and accept that this project should not go ahead and think of maybe keeping the schools as they are and invest in another building for your project. . .. I hope this letter sounds ok to everyone as this is what I am sending x

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