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  1. James says:

    This post is going to be critical, but it is meant to be constructive. Apologies in advance.

    The opposition to the council movement is not at all sophisticated, and I think doomed to failure.

    Your message is being lost or not communicated at all.

    All mediums of communication are not being used effectively, or not being used at all in some instances.

    The levers of power are there for all to use, but your protest is not using them, why not?

    You do not seem to be using any legal expertise in your opposition. Have you secured free legal representation to engage with the council.

    Have you put together a central project board to brainstorm ideas, galvanise support and oppose the council every step of the way. Effective opposition will but you precious time.

    Have you taken the time to learn from successful protests? What lessons were already learned which your opposition can use effectively.

    There seems to be no direction or strategy to the protest.

    If you have a good argument, and your right, then you should win, your just not playing the cards you have in the right way.

    All that said and done, at least your trying, and I do wish you the very best of luck. I hope my comments have not offended, they were never meant to.

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